General Business Terms and Conditions:

The legal, general terms and conditions, as well as the regulations of the Law on Tax Advisors (StBerG) apply. 

Those can of course be viewed upon request in our office.

Berufsrecht gem. § 3 Abs. 1 DL-InfoV

The occupation of tax consultant is subject to the following regulations in occupational law, which can be found and read at – Ihr Steuerberater – Berufsrecht.

Berufshaftpflicht gem. § 2 Abs. 1 DL-InfoV

Allianz AG, München“ 

Insurance number: Upon request subject to the circumstances of the case

Reference to außergerichtlichen Streitschlichtungsverfahren gem. §3 Abs. 1 DL-InfoV

In the event of a dispute between tax consultant and his or her client as per § 76 Abs. 2 Nr. 3 StBerG the Chamber of Tax Advisors can upon request conduct a conciliation procedure.

You receive further information at the Chamber of Tax Consultants Berlin.


Please note that due to legal compliances (§36 VSBG) we do not take part in arbitration proceedings for consumers.