We have been maintaining a long-lasting and for both parties successful partnership to our clients.

Our collaborative support in questions regarding tax and business consulting is being calculated with fair and usual market prices.

The remuneration (fees and reimbursement of expenses) for our services is keeping with section StBGebV - § 4 Abs.1 DL-InfoV of the provision Steuerberatergebührenverordnung.

For more information please refer to www.bstk.de – Ihr Steuerberater – Vergütung.

A guideline for the calculation of fees for most of our activities according to this provision is the amount in dispute.

The degree of difficulty and time expenditure is covered by the application of Rahmengebühren (sliding-scale fees).

A few amount of tasks require Zeitgebühren, time fees, which we assessed at an hourly fee between 90,00 to 130,00 EUR.


Further more some tasks are to be calculated with a Betragsrahmengebühr, a fee that is neither fixed nor based on a set range.