Tax and business advisory:

  • auditing of tax assessments

  • appeals and other legal remedies with the tax authorities

  • applications for deferment

  • application for a stay of proceedings

  • attendance of new entrepreneurs

  • selection of the appropriate legal form

  • calculation of profitability

  • investment evaluation

  • finance planning

  • business valuations and successor regulation

  • statement of assets

  • pleas before fiscal courts

  • etc.


  • set up of accounting system

  • assignment to accounts and posting of business transactions (DATEV System)

  • open post calculation (OPOS)

  • accounting monitoring

  • industry solutions

  • preliminary value added tax declarations

  • preparation of business management evaluations ('business analyses')

  • etc.

Tax returns:

  • income tax

  • wage tax

  • corporate tax

  • trade tax

  • VAT value added tax

  • inheritance tax

  • gift tax

  • homeowner subsidy (old cases)

  • property tax and land transfer tax

  • uniform and separated declarative statements

  • capital gains tax

  • etc.


Determination of income: